Kukumalchili, Bride´s huipil from Zinacantán

China poblana


Ethnic Group: Tsotsil Maya

Huipil, ca. 2013

Made by Doña Josefa Hernández Cruz Cotton huipil of three sections woven in white on a backstrap loom, embroidered and joined by hand with synthetic worsted yarn in various colors. At front below the neckline is a green embroidered cross. Horizontal woven sections of various colors at the chest and at the hem also include feathers in the weave.

CHAT: In one of Cortes´s letters to the king of Spain, he wrote that the indigenous people of Mexico incorporated animal elements like feathers and rabbit fur in their clothing and that the clothing was very attractive. Nonetheless, the Spanish brought sheep and wool to Mexico, which brought about the decline of these native techniques. Today, the weavers of Zinacantan, Chiapas, still incorporate chicken feathers in the traditional wedding dress as a memory of the luxurious feathered textiles of antiquity.

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mom as china poblana.jpg