Máasewáal outfit

China poblana


Ethnic group: Yucatec Maya

Cotón (Shirt), 2018

Made by Felipa Pech. Cotton poplin with pleats and front pockets

Kul eex (3/4 Pants), 2018

Made by Felipa Pech. Cotton poplin with tie closure. Machine made.

Hat, 2017

Handwoven of jipijapa (split palm frond) in Becal, Campeche.

Sabukan, ca. 2014

Shoulder bag woven on a backstrap loom with henequén (sisal) fibers.

Chúuj, ca. 2014

Gourd bottle with stopper made of corn cob and strap of henequén (sisal) rope.

CHAT: In Yucatan mestizo is a word that describes people whose origins are of mixed Spanish and Maya blood. Máasewáal was a nahuatl word that the ¨white¨ governors, or ts´uules, used to refer to the Mayan people of the region. During the Caste War of Yucatan, 1847-1928, the Mayan rebels self-identified with the word máasewáal. This outfit is a replica of the clothing worn by Leonardo Pat, who participated in the Caste War. It was made by his great granddaughter, Felipa Pech.

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mom as china poblana.jpg