Pat Boy Concerto Outfit

China poblana

Ethnic Group: Mestizo from Quintana Roo

T-shirt, ca. 2018

Factory made black cotton t-shirt decorated on the sleeves and bottom with a hand
embroidery with white cotton thread forming figures of
"X", which are decorated with black crosses on a black plastic canvas. In the central part of
the shirt there is a green, white, and red decoration with the legend "Sangre Maya" ( ̈Mayan
Blood ̈).

Shorts, ca. 2018

Factory made Bermuda shorts of poly-cotton fabric in forest green. Decorated at the bottom
with hand embroidery with white cotton thread forming diamond figures between "X" on a
black plastic canvas.

Cap, ca. 2018

Acrylic factory made baseball cap, black with a flat visor and the legend "Sangre Maya" in
white silk thread.

Chain, ca. 2018

Silver chain made of pot metal

In Mexico, traditional clothing has its function and also indicates where a person comes
from. Today, this visual expression of community membership is fading as even the most
isolated villages connect with the larger world through technology, better roads, and better
education. "Pat Boy" is an internationally known Mayan rapper. Pat Boy, or Jesus Pat
Chablé, was born in Pino Suarez, Quintana Roo, and his first language is Mayan. His
concert outfit shows us how one can honor his or her traditions and at the same time
participate in the modern world.

mom as china poblana.jpg
mom as china poblana.jpg