Tiger (Jaguar) Outfit from Acatlán

China poblana


Ethnic Group: Nahua

Tiger (Jaguar) costume, ca. 2016

Made by Samuel Gloria Jimenez. Hand painted tiger costume on industrial orange jumpsuit. 2018.2.a

Mask or Helmet, ca. 2016

Made by Samuel Gloria Jimenez. Mask of mixed media including deer skin, foam rubber, and metal staples. 2018.2.b

Boxing gloves, ca. 2016

Leather and vinyl gloves with nylon thread stitching. 2018.2.c

Belt with the tiger´s tail, 2017

Henequen (sisal) rope. 2018.2.d

CHAT: The Hombre-Tigres of Acatlán are fierce fighters and their masks are especially frightful. The Battle of the Tigers (Jaguars), which takes place at the beginning of May every year on or around the day of the Santa Cruz (3 May), is a tradition to bring rain for the crops. The belief is that the fiercer the fight, the more it will rain, and the better the harvest. This outfit was in the battle of May 1, 2017.

mom as china poblana.jpg
mom as china poblana.jpg