Woman’s outfit from Xochistlahuaca

China poblana


Ethnic Group: Amusgo

Huipil, 2017

Handwoven on the backstrap loom in 3 of sheer fabric pieces with varying designs of flowers and other plant elements. The bottom edge of the garment is finished with“Macrame” y el telar está elaborado de algodón. 2018.32.a

Under Shift

Machine made red cotton shift with two black elastic shoulder straps. At the bottom is a geometric, zig zag design of multi colored cotton ribbons. 2018.32.b

This is a skirt for daily use that was made in the late 1960s for women of the Amusgo ethnic group in Xochistlahuaca, Guerrero. Originally women wore the skirt around their waist and they were bare breasted. But over time styles changed and the woman covered her chest, lifting the waistband to hang as a strap on one shoulder. Today the skirt has evolved into a dress with shoulder straps and still with the applied ribbons at the bottom. Over the dress is worn a huipil made in an open weave on a backstrap loom or of industrial lace.

mom as china poblana.jpg
mom as china poblana.jpg